About Us

Wakeful Giraffe Online Coffee Shop. The story begins with me, Michael, the sole founder of Wakeful Giraffe and an epiphany I had in the heart of Covid. I was sitting at the front of my desk, daydreaming. As my mind wandered, my eyes met a stuffed animal, a giraffe, sitting in the corner. I looked into its big, wakeful eyes. It's body was coated in dark brown and cream hues. My imagination took over, and I got the notion of creating a coffee company that would keep you overly awake. That idea is now a reality!

This is a coffee company for the people, by the people. We keep it simple. High quality coffee that is delicious and ethically produced. We source from regions that practice sustainable farming. Each batch is tested to perfection. Best of all? We give back to the community. 10% of all profits goes to charity. This is a curated experience as evident by each of our unique flavors that are tailored to you! So enjoy great tasting coffee that fuels your day and feel good knowing each brew gives back.