Roasted with love, care, and aromatic goodness, our Single Origin Coffee is a dream brew that will delight all your senses.

Harvested and hand-picked with care, our premium quality coffee beans stand true to their roots as a depiction of local culture and taste.

Features of Single Origin Coffee

  • Delicate taste
  • Distinct aroma
  • Made from superior and fresh coffee beans
  • Flavors representative of local soils, climate, and botanical variety; truly traditional.

Why Single Origin Coffee?
Presenting the highest purity and most unique flavors, Single Origin Coffee is a coffee connoisseur’s favorite.

From Peru to Brazil, Guatemala to Papua New Guinea and beyond; each sip brewed is like a story – the story of the bean, the story of its roots and origins – that Wakeful Giraffe Coffee Shop gladly narrates to its customers, one bean a time.

Experience exquisitely traditional coffee, true to its roots!

Order now from our Single Origin Coffee varieties.

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