Stepping away from the world of regular coffee, sometimes the heart yearns for a bit of flavor; a touch of Cinnamon, a hint of Pumpkin Spice, the sweetness of Caramel, or perhaps the earthiness of Hazelnut.

In our Flavored Coffee, you can find each of these tastes and more, to uplift your coffee game!

Our Way to Premium Flavored Coffee:

  1. Specialty grade Single Origin Coffee beans are carefully roasted to a smooth medium
  2. Infused into the highest quality flavoring oil when warm
  3. Mixed and churned until the flavor settles into the beans

The Offerings of Flavored Coffee by Wakeful Giraffe Coffee Shop
Amidst an abundance of flavors and coffee beans, our in-house roasters choose only the best. Adding the oils in just-right quantity, we ensure the flavor flows through smoothly, without masking the original essence of the coffee bean.

Take your pick from our Flavored Coffees and sit tight for a coffee drinking experience nothing short of an aromatic dream; full of enriched flavors and diverse tones.

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