As the freshly brewed Coffee Blend slides down your throat in a velvety-smooth manner, you can feel one flavor unraveling after the next. Like layers being peeled off, each flavor is new and unique, yet hitting just the right notes to pave way for its successor – turning your simple coffee break into a wholesome experience.

Features of our Coffee Blend

  • Coffee beans sourced from multiple renowned origins
  • Optimum mixture of flavors
  • Mouth-watering taste, leaving you wanting more
  • Soul-refreshing aroma

Why Choose Our Coffee Blends?
Our expert roasters choose premium quality coffee beans with different origins to give you the world’s best in a single coffee bean pack: our Coffee Blend.

Multiple flavors are married to produce a blend of distinct, aromatic goodness; each sip tugging at the taste buds and heart of the drinker; urging for more.

From the subtle notes of the Breakfast Blend to the deep heavy flavor of the Italian Roast, each blend is like a beautiful canvas; depictive of multiple hues that combine to form magic!

A favorite among customers, Wakeful Giraffe Coffee Blends is a must-have.
Choose your favorite one and embrace synchronized harmony.


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