A coffee a Day Keeps The Doctor Away; How Coffee Can Help Prevent Certain Ailments

Just one more reason to love coffee
It’s always a good sign when new scientific and medical studies confirm that coffee just so happens to be good for us! And for folks who enjoy 1 or 2 cups a day, you will be happy to know that even drinking as many as 5 standard cups of coffee can be beneficial for health with little to no side effects. But just what diseases and ailments, in particular, does coffee help stave off?

Why is coffee so healthy?
Studies from Harvard and other prestigious universities in the field of medical science have been observing coffee and its effects on our bodies and minds for a while now. The results are pretty spectacular, but for some folks, it may come as a big surprise. Just why is coffee so healthy?

Well for starters coffee just so happens to come from a plant. That’s right! Coffee beans are harvested from coffee cherries, and like other fruits out there, the cherry and it's seeds (coffee beans) are high in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and the very important antioxidants.

It’s the vitamins, antioxidants, caffeine, anti-inflammatories, and other amino acids that play a big role in explaining as to why coffee is so beneficial to our health. But then what diseases and illnesses, in particular, can coffee help to guard against?

High blood pressure
Coffee was once believed to be the cause of high blood pressure. But recent studies have begun to find that this is not actually the case, and even enjoying as many as 5 cups of coffee a day does not negatively affect one's blood pressure.

Alzeimer’s and dementia
Coffee, and the caffeine in coffee, in particular, has been found to be very beneficial to our brains. And enjoying 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day can help to stave off the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease by as much as 70%! It can also help to reduce cognitive decline as we climb higher in age.

Coffee is good for your heart
Some recent studies have found that coffee is beneficial for our cardiovascular health. Enjoying 2 cups of coffee daily can reduce your risk of heart failure by about 11%. Not too shabby! 

Some of coffee’s naturally occurring chemicals help to lower blood sugar levels and thus can lead to a reduced likelihood of developing diabetes. How much of a reduction? Some studies have found a reduction of up to 50%.

Some studies have begun to find out that coffee may be a beneficial guard against several varieties of cancer. Regular coffee consumption seems to be a beneficial guard against liver cancer in particular. Some studies found that a reduction of up to 50% was observed in regular coffee drinkers. 

Some studies have also been finding some evidence to suggest that regular coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of developing certain oral cancers like esophageal cancer. Coffee has also been found to show some signs of guarding against Endometrial or uterine cancer, prostate, and colon cancer, too.

Coffee is good for your liver
Aside from a potentially reduced risk of developing liver cancer, coffee can also help protect against developing cirrhosis, gallstones, and other health complications that can affect the liver.

Parkinson’s disease
Some recent studies have found that enjoying as many as four cups of coffee daily have a reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s disease later in life.

Go ahead, brew another pot!
What may be of particular interest in each of these studies is that coffee lovers who enjoyed 2 to 5 cups of coffee daily seemed to reap the most benefits from coffee. It was also noted that fully caffeinated coffee, not decaf, provided the most benefits, too.

And while these studies are very promising it goes without saying that coffee cannot and does not prevent any of the aforementioned diseases or health problems, nor does coffee cure any of them. But enjoying a couple of cups of coffee does seem to be a great way to stay healthy each day. So go ahead and enjoy an extra cup or two today. Your body and mind will thank you!


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